The largest Apple Hill farm of Placerville, CA.

Taste everything apple made on the farm including apple pies, apple donuts, & fresh-pressed apple ciders on sale daily.

Closed for the season – Reopens August 10, 2024

High Hill Ranch

Open Daily Mid August through Christmas Eve

Over 155 acres, High Hill Ranch is the largest, most visited Apple Hill farm of Placerville, CA.

The apple farm features an on-site restaurant and bakery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all while hosting a large selection of farm attractions for kids and families to enjoy.

A slice of Apple Pie and glass of fresh milk at Apple Hill.

High Hill Ranch

Visit Apple Hill's Finest Attraction

The Apple Hill farm High Hill Ranch features top selling apple donuts, the largest apple pies, flavorful crisp apple ciders, & the greatest selection of handmade arts & crafts. Visit one of California’s most highly anticipated tourist events happening every year at Apple Hill in Placerville, CA.

Apple Pies

Fresh handmade Apple Hill Pies

Our Apple Hill bakery in California specializes in baking apple pies, homemade with simple, all natural ingredients, and up to three pounds of raw hand selected apples in every pie.

A slice of Caramel Apple Crunch Pie at Apple Hill.

Apple Donuts

Homemade Apple Hill Donuts in California

High Hill Ranch is home to Apple Hill’s top selling apple fritters & apple donuts made fresh daily in California. Homemade apple donuts and apple fritters are packed with hand-selected apples straight from our orchard.

Fresh made Apple Donuts and Fritters at Apple Hill.

Caramel Apples

Home of the Caramel Apple Cider Shake

The Apple Hill family shares with you our secret recipe from 1960, homemade caramel sauces, hand dipped caramel apples, and hand rolled caramellows, homemade with all natural ingredients in Apple Hill California.

High Hill Ranch's famous Apple Cider milkshake at Apple Hill.